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Automation, why?

In today’s aggressive market, finished product quality cannot be separated from the production process quality. Automation is the solution to all the optimisation problems in terms of timing, resource management and control for all industries. This is a compulsory choice for any company that wants to keep abreast of times and remain competitive on the market.

Il team

The team

A group of young enthusiastic people with up-to-date knowledge. Their various experiences in using professional development systems have been matured and completed on the job. A team in the true sense of the term who work together to give its customers the best service possible. We are aware that perfect synergy with the system and achieving our aims quickly are only possible for those who know how and when to apply the proper tools.

Per crescere

You need the right partners in order to grow

ES group with its enormous technical and human potential, follows its customers every step of their growth and development process thanks to its structure: a single body divided in three independent parts:

  • A team which analyses the situations and designs the projects
  • A team which realizes the plant automation, providing Hardware and Software
  • Our installation and start-up staff who follow the customer in the field and leave only when every request has been satisfied
La storia

Our story

The ES group started with ES project, a company which has been operating successfully since 1997 in the field of designing automation plants and systems, specialising particularly in:

  • Automation and control systems for large Centrifugal Pumps
  • Automation and control systems for Centrifugal Compressors
  • Automation and control systems for chemical and energy production plants
  • Automation and control systems for natural gas filtering and treatment
  • Automation and control systems for flow measurements, also in fiscal version
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The numbers that represent us:

In-house design
FTY index (works delivered within the contractual deadlines)
International projects
37 years old
Employees average age
70 000+
Annual working hours tracked through our digital platform
Annual orders
ES project

Engineering team

The place where a trained and up-to-date team works with all the major 2d and 3d CAD systems (Autodesk AutoCAD, Siemens PLM NX, PTC Creo, CSI SAP2000), used specifically in the sectors: control, safety supervision, structural calculation, plant piping, electrical-instrumental.

From ideas to solutions

A structure with constantly updated skills that knows how to work by applying the Quality procedures required by national and international regulations.

Automation? We have our experience and we make it grow continuously, because in automation "A little is not enough"

Andrea De Tullio
Project division manager

The main steps of our growth procedure

  • Basic and detailed design
  • Issuing of technical specifications and orders for materials and components
  • Control activities for all supplies and contracts
  • Issuing manuals and documents
  • Supervising assembly operations in the workshops and on-site assembly
  • Issuing start-up specifications
  • Testing and start-up
es automation

Automation team

The place where we use the experience gained over many years of working on different types of projects and alongside numerous customers. Here the project comes to life, ideas are realized and solutions are implemented, both software and hardware. It is the most delicate part of the work, carried out by a team that has to solve all the possible requests of the automation project. We are active, in particular, in four sectors: embedded systems , PLC programming , supervision systems and custom software .


The project is born

The experience matured in creating interface peripherals with PCs and time critical software allows us to supply the best solutions also in the development of automation processes for managing activities.

“When someone asks me what's the secret to write good software, I answer: have passion ... Passion is the first requirement that I look for in the eyes of the people who have to be part of my development team; software acrobats who do not shy away from any problem and have the humility in their blood, necessary to challenge their knowledge in the face of news.”

Domenico Vinci
Automation division manager

An overview of the areas of intervention and our skills

  • PLC and PC supervision systems for the control of plants, machines, simulation and test devices
  • GE Fanuc advanced solutions, Cimplicity integrated supervision systems, PanelView, QuickPanel, Ethernet, Genius Bus and redundant systems
  • Robots Fanuc
  • Customization, creation and integration of ad hoc drivers to connect any equipment
  • Integration into existing systems and low cost solutions
  • Customized hardware and software for any type of automation
SE Alliance Registered SE Modicon Safetyd SE Control System


We take care of customer assistance following him in his projects, with targeted interventions also in the field. Before any assistance activity, our staff carry out a briefing on the project, analyzing part of the hardware and part of the software. The result is after-sales assistance made by skilled, trained and up-to-date technicians who intervene in Italy and also abroad for installations, maintenance and any type of request for assistance.

Concrete support, always

We provide professional assistance, with the possibility of being ready even 24 hours a day. We are specialized in maintenance and assistance activities concerning automation and control systems for compressors, pumps, valves, lubrication oil control units and automated systems in general.

The strengths of our services

  • Mobility: we reach our clients all over Italy and abroad quickly
  • Timeliness: we offer assistance in place and online, in the shortest possible time
  • Skills: specialised and highly competent technical staff

Our supervisory software for machines and industrial plant control

eSmartSuite is a configurable platform that can be used to create complete industrial supervisory application and human-machine interface software

With eSmartSuite you can monitor the state of a plant or machine, or easily implement programs to control a process simply by using your personal computer. With extremely competitive licenses, you can use the basic tools needed for supervision, integrated in a light and fast run-time.


Easy to use for non-programmers

The configuration of the applications is done in a simple and intuitive way. Even advanced operations such as real-time trends or data archiving do not require specialist knowledge.

Easy to extend for programmers

All data available in the project can be accessed using perfectly integrated interface APIs; developers can easily extend the functionality of eSmartSuite without wasting time and focusing only on their own needs. eSmartSuite is the ideal software for creating vertical applications and on-board supervision where an high level of customization is required.

Multilanguage and distributed control

With native support for multilingual projects and network connections, eSmartSuite allows you to quickly build localized applications that can be controlled remotely.

The first step to PC-Based applications

eSmartSuite can be connected to the most popular PLCs to create traditional automation solutions where the control is separated from the other functions. The exponential growth in the processing power of PCs now makes it possible to shift attention to a new scenario where the PLC can be replaced by the computer. eSmartSuite integrates a calculation engine for virtual variables that allows you to write the management logic directly on your PC and execute it without the aid of other external equipment.

Main features:

  • Connection driver for the most popular PLCs
  • Instant data acquisition and display
  • Animated synoptic
  • Real time and historical alarms/events
  • Data recording and reports
  • Configurable real time trends
  • Customisable levels of protection
  • Double language support
  • Configuration tools
  • Hot stand-by redundancy
  • Network Distributed Computing
  • API for variables interfacing through external programming software (es. Visual Basic o Visual C++)
  • Virtual variables calculation engine
  • Run on Windows 95/98, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10

Guided tour and online documentation

Try eSmartSuite now through interactive videos that will guide you through the main functions of the program or consult the eSmartSuite documentation available online.

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eSmartSuite free download

By filling out a small questionnaire, you can download a free version of the software that will allow you to track up to 70 points.

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